Bob is a licensed Realtor in Alberta since 2010 with RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, and PROPERTY MANAGEMENT licenses to serve his clients. He is thrilled to share his extensive experience and vast knowledge to assist you. His unfaltering work ethic blends exceptionally well with over 30 years of sales and customer service experience. He is a master of negotiation and he will make the best deal for you. He is a dependable professional to balance your desire and emotion to help you make wise decisions. Bob believes that making a real estate decision is not just about simple buying and selling, but it is more of a complicated procedure with expression of your personality and lifestyle.

Bob worked in I.T. industry prior to become a Realtor and was well-trained with strong foundation of analyzing data in a unique style. Now he can help you understand intricacies of market data with ample explanation of current issues and local news. He is devoted to working with cutting-edge technologies and is proud to be called as an early adaptor. He enjoys working with top quality photographers, designers, and printing companies to promote and sell your property & business in the most advanced fashion.

Bob volunteered as a Sunday school teacher for a decade and served numerous years as a director of the Calgary Korean Association, and young adults’ network. He is also a strong advocate of Boys & Girls Club, Mustard Seed, and World Vision. On daily basis, he provides advice to other Realtors, landlords, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and developers to help with all aspects of real estate issues.

Bob will continue to thrive in the industry through referrals of these people satisfied by his service. He will go above & beyond to ensure the complete satisfaction of each & every client while keeping your confidentiality in the strictest fashion. Once you become his client, you will experience the difference!

- Top Producer, Chairman's Award, Pinnacle Award 2021 
- Top Producer 2019 & 2018
- Pinnacle Award 2017
- Chairman’s Award 2016
- President’s Award 2015
- Director’s Award 2014
- Master Sales Award 2013

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